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Things To Know About Selecting A Domain Name For Your Small Business

Every business needs a website – Period. In a world, where more than 55% of the population has access to internet, you cannot afford to ignore to ignore the benefits of having positive online presence. Selecting a domain name is one of the first steps towards creating a website, and probably the most important one too. The domain name is nothing but the ‘name’ that people type on a browser to find a website. There are more than 644 million active websites on the internet, and it goes without saying that finding a domain name requires effort, long before you think of hosting and web page design. Here are some of the tips that we recommend.

Consider your business name first

It is not impossible to find a domain name that matches your business name, but chances are high that someone has already purchased that. Some domain names are available for a premium, but if you don’t want to pay for that, it is necessary to find a name that’s close. You can go for a keyword, provided it’s relevant for your niche and can match it with the name of your company. For example, if your company deals in windshield repair in Houston and is called Alexa, you can go for a domain name like www.alexawindshieldrepair.com or www.alexawindshieldhouston.com.


Stick to the basics

A domain name should be short, sweet, memorable and easy to type. This is one aspect that many website owners and small businesses fail to address. You don’t want a name as big as www.alexawindshieldrepairinhouston.com. It is rather likely that a customer would find another company or wouldn’t want to type such a big name in the first place.

Consider the right extension

There are varied domain extensions that are available. If you cannot find a domain name with .com extension, .co is a good choice, which stands for company or commerce. Many businesses also choose to register all available domain extensions that pertain to their name, such as .info, .net, .org, .biz, and .me. There are also location-based domain extensions, such as .co.nz, .co.in, and so on.

Your domain name is the center of your design and marketing campaign, and it makes sense to select a name that’s easy to promote and even easier to keep in mind. Paying a tad more for a premium domain is never a bad idea in the long run, provided you can afford the same.

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