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Codeless Test Automation Platform – Keep the Developer Free Of Writing Codes

Automation testing is the need of an agile development process. This is because it creates a software separate framework that helps to test automated means through the primary solution. A solution arriving to this problem refers to codeless testing, that allows creating automation tests that needs no writing of code, not even a single line. This is referred to as codeless test automation platform.

For any supplier of codeless automation to see a long-term success, there is a need to be aware of the yesteryear pain points and to provide the abilities to ascertain the history is not repeated.

Smart element locators

The biggest issue with test automation is that the developers or testers do it against an application at a point of time. With the change in the application, the scripts of the automation break and this happens with both codeless automation and coded automation framework.

The codeless solutions have an opportunity to benefit over the coded frameworks and this is possible by gathering during the recording over one element locator. In an event, if a location is not found, you can look for alternative locators. This offers a far better chance to the tester to develop stable scripts so that much maintenance is not required.

Control structures

The major limitations of the playback and old record tools were the control structures absence and that includes the conditional clauses and loops. An author repeating 10 times an action may need recording the action for 10 times and there is a need to maintain individually each action.

If there are viable alternatives in a step, and in case the test author wishes to taken an action in a true condition and also wants to have a different action, in case the condition is not true, there was no logical support.

In the coded automation, the testers employ loops and also clauses to curtain the scripts flow. This is an essential requirement in case the project is scalable for codeless solutions.

Conditional waiting

Recording and playing back the tools requires the script authors to give pauses and in this way it is tedious and promoting test automation is not easy.

A more modern approach refers to the conditional waiting, and it is reliable. Here, the scripts do not wait blindingly for any number of seconds; instead they wait to ensure the condition is true and proceed further.

Thus, the execution time is cut down, besides it averts flaky tests. In this way, the codeless tools allow script authors to adhere to conditional waiting so that the tools handle the scenario of behind the scenes.

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